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From Loss to Landing

In response to Operation Syria in 2018, the Mothers Matter Centre received a grant to develop human-centered settlement innovations for newly arrived and high-risk refugee mothers and their children to enhance their wellbeing and dignity. These innovations became our Reviving Hope and Home program for high-risk, government-assisted refugee mothers.


In partnership with the Immigrant Services Society of BC, the MMC developed and delivered a responsive, personalized system of settlement services that met the complex and evolving needs of vulnerable, government-assisted refugee mothers from arrival to settlement. Together, we demonstrated that the activities truncated what would otherwise have been prolonged periods of social disengagement and isolation typically experienced by extremely vulnerable refugee women.


More work is needed. The MMC will build on the resources and tools that proved successful in the 2015-2018 Reviving Hope and Home program.



Refugee mothers and their families arrive in Canada after unspeakably arduous journeys replete with violence, loss, and extreme uncertainty. The process of landing and settling presents yet another new and unforeseen set of challenges. The MMC film offers rare insight into the refugee family experience, the trials of settlement, and the accomplishment of settling in their new home.


To watch the film, please click the video below.

Who We Are

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Program Innovations

Adopt a Reader Campaign 2022 - Special Guest Canadian Illustrator/Author Barbara Reid
Supporting Mothers and Raising Toddlers (SMART)
Women's Insight Project

Research and Engagement

Mothering During COVID-19: A Discussion between Sophie G. Trudeau, Sharon Johnston and HIPPY mothers.
Mothers Matter Centre - Community Discussion Series
Parenting and Resettlement: A Mothers Matter Centre & ISSofBC Research Workshop

MMC Campaigns

Men Like Me Campaign (English)
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Special Events

The 20th anniversary celebration is a testament to the tireless dedication of the centre's staff, volunteers, and supporters who have contributed to its success. 

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