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Show Mothers How Much They Matter

The Mothers Matter Centre 2021 COVID-19 Recovery Campaign

Mothers have been carrying an unimaginable burden throughout the pandemic. What’s more, because of the isolating nature of the response to the pandemic, they have been doing so behind closed doors, quarantined from the outside world. The result: a nation of mothers who are under enormous pressure, feeling invisible, and lacking the support they need to thrive.

This is why it is crucial for us to come together and remind mothers how much they matter. During a time when we depend on them so much, they must be supported and recognized as the pillars of our communities and families – the unsung heroes of today.


This is where the Mothers Matter Centre comes in. Our goal is to remind mothers that their perseverance is not, in fact, invisible; this is where we offer help that will make their lives easier, and show them that they matter. Every day.


It will require us to address the pandemic’s long-term psychological impacts on children. It will require us to focus on mental health and wellness, and employment training.


It will take time, commitment, and expertise. It won’t be easy, however, we know how to do this.


We still have a lot of work to do, but we have a plan.

We are developing three programs as part of our post-COVID recovery for families.

Employment Training for HIPPY Mothers


Mothers will reflect on their experiences, skills, passions, and interests to explore possible career opportunities to match their unique personalities and interests. They will research their top career choices and plan toward a successful transition to work or school. The program consists of six, two-hour modules using face-to-to-face virtual training.


For $250, you can sponsor a mother in employment training.

Employment Training for HIPPY Mothers

The COVID-19 crisis is taking a heavy toll, much of which has not been recorded. Mothers are often living in isolation. Supporting the mental health needs of the mothers we serve is critical. In this program, we will look at the impact of the pandemic and how the resulting radical change in lifestyle can feed loneliness and anxiety and, sometimes, even lead to depression. Mothers will discover strategies and healthy coping mechanisms to navigate life as we move through and, eventually out of, the pandemic.


This program will include:

-> 20 weekly wellness activities and coaching to accompany the HIPPY parent-child packages  and group meetings (translated to Arabic, Mandarin, and French)


-> Guidelines for forming local walking clubs, cooking clubs, and parenting clubs


-> 5 monthly speakers on topics related to mental health, offered in various languages

For $150, you can sponsor a mother in the health and wellbeing program.


Build Back Play for HIPPY Children


During the COVID-19 pandemic, play has become more important than ever before. Children are confronted daily with new rules at school, people wearing face masks, and parents struggling with health and financial instability. Play is a way for children to relax and cope with stress. Play can also be beneficial to the mental health of mothers.

This program will include:

-> One play activity per week for 30 weeks to accompany the weekly parent-child activity packages and group meetings (multi-lingual)

-> Five webinar speakers on the importance of a recovery approach in various languages

-> A guide to forming virtual playgroups and online board games

For $250, you can sponsor a mother in employment training.

To donate to the Show Mothers How Much They Matter Campaign, please complete the form below:

Thank you for giving.

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