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The Three Weeks of Giving Campaign


About the Three Weeks of Giving Campaign…

The holiday season often brings about additional stress and can be a lonely time for a lot of people. At the Mothers Matter Centre, we are aware of how difficult the isolation barrier can be – even on a good day. We work hard to ensure that immigrant, refugee, newcomer, and Indigenous women and families are connected to the right resources for their needs. This is achieved through the help of our Home Visitors and our mother-to-mother approach. 


Let’s join together this holiday season to make a difference in the lives of our Home Visitors! To end the year off, the Mothers Matter Centre is launching the Three Weeks of Giving campaign. We are joining forces with Red River College to provide the program delivery of three courses to Home Visitors: Adult Education, Early Childhood development, and Transition Planning. The partnership will include inventing field experts to teach courses, participatory group work, and an advanced Learning Management System (LMS).


Digital badges will be awarded to Home Visitors at the end of each course to recognize their progress and skill acquisition. Home Visitors will be able to share these badges on social platforms and employment oriented services such as LinkedIn. There will be a total of 7 courses delivered through the partnership. 3 of these courses will be delivered by Red River College and the remaining 4 by MMC.

Choose where you want your impact to go towards…

Any contribution will help our Home Visitors live an enriched lifestyle.


The impact of your donation

he HIPPY program employs moms, often graduates of the program, as Home Visitors who then work with newcomer, refugee, and Indigenous mothers in their most important role – as their child’s first teacher. When paired with a Home Visitor, mothers develop their skills and gain confidence and self-esteem.

The program builds bridges to the larger community, ending isolation and helping mothers take steps to prepare their kids for success in school. Home Visitors receive weekly training, employment experience, and career mentoring that supports them in their transition to other work or higher education.

Your donation to the Three Weeks of Giving campaign will directly support Home Visitors in achieving their educational and career goals.

To donate to the Three Weeks of Giving campaign, please complete the form below:

To learn more about this partnership, please contact:

Amy Zhou
Coordinatrice de projets

C :

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