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HIPPY Ottawa at Vanier Community Service Centre

The Vanier Community Services Centre (Vanier CSC) is a non-profit Francophone organization that first opened its doors in 1980. More than 20 health and social service programs are provided through the Centre and its affiliated agencies to the people of Vanier and surrounding communities.

The Vanier CSC has offered the HIPPY program since December 2008, supporting parents living in Ottawa Vanier and Ottawa South. They provide newcomer families with information that helps reduce language and cultural barriers, inform participants of services in the community, raise awareness of “how things work” in Canada, and encourage parents to participate in their community and children’s school actively.


Insight into the HIPPY Program: 

“We appreciate you and your team for the HIPPY program. Thank you immensely for the resources and home visitations. Our Home Visitor was great, she was friendly and professional.”


“Vanier CSC is working selflessly to provide continuous service to the community.


The HIPPY program at Vanier CSC helps in early childhood learning and even at the time of the pandemic, they continued to provide their service virtually.”

Success Story:

“I saw the value of the HIPPY program during the pandemic when schools were closed. It was not easy with small children. I felt helpless and frustrated. I did not know how to communicate with my children. But thanks to HIPPY, I was equipped. I had the skills to manage my children, how to teach them, and the strategies to use during their learning. They were comfortable with me, and so was I.”

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