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Terms of Reference for Multicultural HIPPY Advisory Committee


The mandate of the Advisory Committee is to:

  • Make recommendations on the vision and strategic direction for the Multicultural HIPPY Programs;

  • Provide advice to the Director of Multicultural HIPPY Programs with respect to issues as they arise in the delivery of the Multicultural programs;

  • Advise on and/or assist with fundraising for Multicultural HIPPY Programs, for example assist in the formation of Friends of HIPPY in their respective provinces and/or local HIPPY Programs as well as identify potential source of funding; and

  • Build awareness of the Multicultural HIPPY Programs and their benefits for children, families and communities across Canada.


The Chair and members of the Advisory Committee will:

  1. Hold an annual meeting in October every year in order to clarify any items the Committee wishes to raise with the HIPPY Canada Board of Directors

  2. Meet as required during the rest of the year, ideally at least once every quarter. These meetings will mostly be held by teleconference.

  3. The Chair will ensure that notice of all meetings is given to all Advisory Committee members a minimum of two weeks prior to the meeting, with the exception of any emergency meeting required for a specific purpose. In such cases, every effort will be made to make it possible for as many Advisory Committee members as possible to attend, whether in person or by teleconference.

  4. The Multicultural HIPPY Programs Advisory Committee will articulate annual goals for the Multicultural Programs, and will be responsible for confirming or revising them on an annual basis.

  5. The Multicultural HIPPY Programs Advisory Committee will assist in seeking sources of funding to support Multicultural HIPPY Programs nationally; and

  6. The Multicultural HIPPY Programs Advisory Committee will make an annual report on its activities to the Board of Directors of HIPPY Canada at the Annual General Meeting.


The Multicultural HIPPY Programs Advisory Committee will be supported by:

  • The Director of Multicultural Programs in all coordination and preparation for meetings of the Advisory Committee;

  • The Chair of the Committee

National Advisory Committee Members

Jennifer Watts

Immigrants Services Association of Nova Scotia

Halima Ali

Central Alberta Immigrant Women Association

Swedini Halliday

Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society

Sylvie Charlie-Karam

Working Women Community Centre

Darlene Gage

Mothers Matter Centre

Wazi Dlamini-Kapenda

Mothers Matter Centre

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