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Together with our network of dedicated community partners, the Mothers Matter Centre empowers socially isolated and economically vulnerable mothers—including newcomers, refugees, and Indigenous mothers—and their children to live full and productive lives. It creates an environment of acceptance, encouragement, and learning through innovative, evidence-based education and supports.


Mothers and their children achieve their full potential and are actively engaged in their communities.

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Letter from the New

Mothers Matter Centre CEO

"Dear Mothers Matter Centre Community, 


I am honoured to have the opportunity to join this caring and important community of individuals who are changing the lives of mothers across the country. I know that I’ll have the opportunity to connect with you all in meaningful ways in the coming months, but I did want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share my gratitude to those who’ve built and sustained the mission and impact of Mothers Matter Centre..."

Mothers Matter Centre National Office

The national office is the licensing body of HIPPY and other programs that works with community partners to oversee program implementation, training, and performance management. The national office leads program innovation development and supports public awareness of its programs.

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  • Multicultural HIPPY

  • Indigenous HIPPY

Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) Program

  • Women's Insight Project

  • Violence Against Women

  • Safe Space for an Early Learning Foundation

  • Fast-Track to Learning and Interaction for Parents

Program Innovations

  • Supporting Mothers and Raising Toddlers

  • Adopt-a-Reader

  • Bond to Literacy


  • Performance Management

  • Knowledge Sharing

  • Program Modification

Home Visitor Education

​A mixed-method Home Visitor professional development program

Meet HIPPY mothers Beatrice Feza, Meade Manson, and Shinda Shi. Learn how the HIPPY program has transformed their lives and the lives of their families.
Since our inception, the Mothers Matter Centre has transformed over 60,000 lives. We helped more than 22,600 mothers gain new skills and abilities essential to strengthening mother-child relationships. This means their children and families were better prepared to get the most from their early school experiences.

Programs and Innovations


Fast-Track to Learning and Interaction for Parents (FLIP) is a play-based pilot program for refugee families who have just arrived in Canada and have children between 3 to 5 years of age. 


The Women’s Insight Project (WIP) works with isolated, vulnerable, and low-income women in indigenous, newcomer, and racialized communities to empower them through building their capacity and confidence to lead changes at community level.


Violence Against Women aims to build staff capacity, ensure connection to services for isolated and vulnerable women, and raise awareness to prevent, identify, and direct abuse.
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Indigenous Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) works with Indigenous families in land-based and urban communities to build positive experiences in education and to strengthen their capacity to support learning using a culturally relevant curriculum.
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Newcomer innovations are designed to help refugee families as they integrate themselves into a new society and their children into Canadian schools. We undertake research to understand the challenges that refugee families face and implement best practices to support them.

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Bond to Literacy is a 12-week early literacy program for low-income, disadvantaged families who struggle with issues that may prevent them from making a long-term commitment to the regular HIPPY curriculum.  The program is designed to demand less of families while still providing learning tools and support. 
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Adopt-a-Reader is a two-week literacy campaign where HIPPY families “adopt” non-HIPPY families from their community by guiding them through daily activities that focus on parent-child bonding through reading activities.  The mother-to-mother community-centred approach allows the campaign to reach even the most isolated families.

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The Safe-Space for an Early Learning Foundation (SELF) Project is an innovative pilot developed by the Mothers Matter Centre that launched in April 2022 and will continue until the end of March 2025. Through SELF, the MMC will adapt its flagship HIPPY program to serve mothers and their children living in second-stage transitional housing.

When Mothers Matter, Everything Else Falls into Place


of Home Visitors have advanced or mastered their ability to support mothers' skills to interact with her child with the HIPPY curriculum


of multicultural Home Visitors are newcomers to Canada

15,952 hours

of total person-training was received by Home Visitors.

22,600 mothers

have gained new skills with the help of the Mothers Matter Centre

26,949 hours

mothers spent with Home Visitors in their homes

60,000 lives

transformed since the inception of the Mothers Matter Centre


of mothers feel connected to the larger community and are not isolated.


of mothers feel connected to the larger community and are not isolated.

Help Support Our Programs

Help Us Empower Mothers, Transform Families and Uplift Communities.

Our Funders & Program Sponsors

The Right Honourable David Johnston, C.C., C.M.M, C.O.M., C.D., Former Governor General of Canada; and Her Excellency, Sharon Johnston, C.C., are patrons of the Mothers Matter Centre.

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