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Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women aims to build staff capacity, ensure connection to services for isolated and vulnerable women, and raise awareness to prevent, identify, and direct abuse.


Support the Mothers Matter Centre’s campaign titled “Men Like Me”

Join us to create awareness about Violence Against Women (VAW) in refugee and immigrant communities and to destigmatize discourse around it. “Men Like Me” highlights the critical and positive role men within refugee and immigrant communities can play to prevent VAW.

We have partnered with White Ribbon Canada for this campaign and they have great resources for men to access and use. Please support the campaign by sharing the “Men Like Me” video on your networks and through your social media channels. We encourage that you use the hashtag #MenLikeMe in your posts. And do tag us: Facebook @MothersMatterCentre, Instagram @mothersmattercentre, Twitter @MothersMatterC.

The campaign is supported by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Women and Gender Equality (WAGE).

MMC Factsheet

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Why are we working on Violence Against Women (VAW)?

In Canada, a women is killed by her intimate partner every six days and Indigenous women are killed at six times the rate of non-Indigenous women.

More than 6000 women and children are forced to sleep in shelters on any given night because it is unsafe at home. During COVID-19, Canada witnessed violence against women plummet.

Women who were already vulnerable and isolated were at more risk than ever of experiencing violence for the first time or suffering from increased or more severe violence.

Canadians collectively spend 7.4 billion dollars each year to deal with the aftermath of spousal violence.

Project Objectives

Through the project on Violence Against Women (VAW), MMC seeks to:

Build the capacity of 120 partner staff (immigrant, refugee and Indigenous women) that deliver home visitation programs to 1200 vulnerable and isolated mothers at almost 30 partner sites across Canada.


Support low-income isolated mothers to stay “on grid” with digital devices, phone calls, and internet connection in a more digital, socially isolated, post-COVID world.


Launch a strategic communications campaign that will target immigrant men through ethnic media and broadcast key culturally appropriate messages to destigmatize discussion around violence against women within communities.

Improved capacity will mean that partner staff are better able to provide services for preventing VAW in vulnerable refugee, immigrant and indigenous families, and better identify cases of VAW for robust referrals.


This project is funded through Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE).


To support the Mothers Matter Centre’s work on Violence Against Women, see the donation form below.

Canadians collectively spend 7.4 billion dollars each year to deal with the aftermath of spousal violence. MMC hopes its multi-pronged prevention approach will help reduce violence against women and in time, associated costs for taxpayers.

To learn more about Violence Against Women, please contact:

Yusra Qadir
Vice-President of Innovations, Advocacy and Multicultural HIPPY


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