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Scholarship Program

The scholarship program demonstrates our commitment to supporting job creation and skill training.

Paying for continuing education can be expensive. As a thank you to Home Visitors for their time dedicated to serving, and to support them in transitioning into new career roles, we have created several scholarship opportunities for those who demonstrate an interest in pursuing higher education.

Mothers Matter Centre is proud to administer the following scholarship funds for HIPPY Home Visitors as part of our goal to support Home Visitors succeed in their career paths. The scholarship funds are: The Carol & Ron Slater ScholarshipThe Kay Bell Education Scholarship,  The Shirley and Sol Kort Scholarship; The Marion Macleod Mothers Matter Scholarship; The Sheryl Kennedy Scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded to Home Visitors who enroll in a program that provides a certificate, diploma or degree from an accredited institution. Scholarship funds can also be awarded to Home Visitors who take one or a prerequisite course, as long as that course prepares them to enroll in a certificate, degree or diploma program at an accredited public or private academic institution. The funds can be used towards tuition, school fees and books.

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