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The Carol & Ron Slater Scholarship Fund

Your donation to the Carol & Ron Slater Scholarship Fund will directly support Home Visitors in achieving their educational and career goals.

In 1997, the National Council of Jewish Women in Vancouver discovered and recognized the HIPPY program’s vast potential to meet Canada’s most vulnerable children’s needs. Carol Slater, then Chair of NCJW, made it her raison d’être to see the HIPPY program in Canada, and nothing was going to stop her. She joined forces with Debbie Bell at Simon Fraser University, laying the foundations for HIPPY in Canada. Together, they embarked on a journey to ignite the Canadian HIPPY movement. Carol, the founding chair of HIPPY Canada, was instrumental in leading a cast of characters who would see the expansion of HIPPY across the nation.


Carol’s long list of contributions includes knocking on the doors of governments, Foundations, and individuals across this country.


Her efforts raised over $1 million to initiate the first HIPPY site at Britannia Community Services Centre in 2000. In a singularly Carol style, she met the Chagnon Foundation program director at a conference and pursued this contact until she secured $1.3 million for HIPPY in Montreal. There are many more such examples. Carol attended and organized countless graduates and events and hosted many dinners in the name of HIPPY. She befriended HIPPY families and home visitors alike, ensuring that each realized that they mattered. Carol rightly deserves the Mothers Matter inaugural Because Mothers Matter Trail Blazer Award. Her selfless courage, tenacity, and determination paved the way for the HIPPY program’s success today.

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