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The MMC and RRC Polytechnic have developed a credited Professional Development Program that is offered, free of charge, to Home Visitors. Upon completion of TWO terms of level 1, Home Visitors receive their first microcredential in the form of a Digital Badge that can be posted on social media, added to a resume, or provided to post-secondary institutions. Home Visitors will receive a second Digital Badge upon completion of TWO terms of Level 2. Home Visitors who complete only 1 term will receive a certificate from the Mothers Matter Centre, but it is not accredited.

Home Visitors

The MMC offers Home Visitors across Canada an opportunity to work and learn over the term(s) of their employment to help them grow in areas that will make them more effective in their roles. This approach is also structured to support Home Visitors to transition successfully out of the HIPPY program and find other employment that is satisfying and sustaining.

Expert Instructors

Each topic in the new Professional Development Program was delivered by a different instructor who was an expert in the field. Instructors not only brought their knowledge and experience to the sessions, but they were able to convey the knowledge in a professional and effective format. The diversity of the instructors also exposed learners to different teaching styles and demonstration of learning formats which is essential to their educational growth.

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