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Tain’s HIPPY Story: ‘I chose HIPPY to learn to express myself’

Tain and her husband came to Canada from Bangladesh in 2017, hoping for a better life. She used to work as a research assistant, but her education was not recognized in Canada. Tain’s English was not very good, and she had a hard time meeting new people:

That was a tough situation, that’s why I chose HIPPY to learn to express myself and learn more things. It’s for me and also my child.

Her neighbour introduced Tain to the HIPPY program in Winnipeg. Tain and her son Shafin both enjoy time spent together. Shafin now likes playing games and doing many different HIPPY activities. He is also excited to see their Home Visitor when she comes for her weekly visits.

Tain can see a lot of positive impacts of the program on herself:

It has educated me about childcare. I can communicate more effectively with my child, and my level of knowledge has improved.

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