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Silvia’s HIPPY Story: ‘It is awesome because I see all of the things that work for him.&

Silvia, a HIPPY mom from Brooks, AB, was born in El Salvador, where life was exceptionally challenging. El Salvador can be a dangerous place, and stable work was difficult to find. Although her husband had the chance to move to Canada three and a half years prior, Silvia and her daughter were obliged to remain with her parents until her own opportunity to immigrate emerged in 2010.

While in Canada, Silvia had two more children. She started the HIPPY program two years ago with her middle son, yet was initially hesitant because her son’s special needs make learning new things difficult.

However, since starting with HIPPY, Silvia says she has observed a lot of positive changes in her son:

It is awesome because I see all of the things that work for him…he loves when I read a book, he tried colouring and making puzzles and all the things good for his motor skills. Now he tries to read letters or numbers…he is more attentive, he is more happy.

As for the future, Silvia plans to continue the HIPPY program with her children because it helps prepare them for school and it prepares her as well. She also loves the chance to spend quality time with her family.

Silvia hopes to find employment next year and wishes for a job that will allow her to work with kids.


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