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Muyeh’s HIPPY Story

Muyeh is a HIPPY mother living in Ottawa, ON. She was born in Burma and lived in a refugee camp on the border of Thailand before immigrating to Canada in 2011 with her husband. Before escaping Burma, Muyeh’s village was burned, which prevented her from attending school and forced her to study on her own in the forest.

Muyeh and her husband chose Canada as a place to live because of our country’s reputation for peace and security.  After immigrating, they had two children, and Muyeh started the HIPPY program with her son. One of the most exciting events she experienced during her first year in HIPPY was her son’s graduation ceremony. It was a powerful moment for both of them, and she felt extremely proud to see her son wearing his graduation cap and receiving his certificate.

Being part of the HIPPY program has helped Muyeh adjust to life in Canada while improving her ability to speak English. Based on her own successes, she believes HIPPY can help other parents who are struggling with language issues as they help their children learn.

As for the future, Muyeh’s goals are to continue working on her English and to pursue further education to support her current employment in the health care industry.

Muyeh’s hope is for the HIPPY program to grow so more people can participate!


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