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Monica’s HIPPY Story: ‘HIPPY was the only way to get me out of my isolation.’

Monica refers to HIPPY as her “welcome present” from Canada to both herself and her family. Originally from Mexico, Monica is a HIPPY mother and Home Visitor from Oakville, ON.

Upon immigrating with her family in 2012, she learned of HIPPY from the Newcomers Centre and immediately joined the program with her two children.

She was nervous about her first home visit but found her Home Visitor to be easy-going and effective with explanations of the program and its curriculum.

As for her children, one of their favourite things is the quality time they can now enjoy with their mother. They also love starting each new book and are always excited to find out what’s coming up next in the story.

HIPPY has played an important role in helping Monica socialize and be a contributing member in her community:

HIPPY was the only way to get me out of my isolation. Once you get to go to the group meetings, you meet people from all over the place who have the same concerns.

Monica has been a Home Visitor since 2013. She believes that HIPPY was such an important part of her journey, and she wants to give back:

HIPPY gave me a whole new world. I received so much support. All the good things that I got, I wanted to give back to someone who was going to be in the same place that I was before.

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