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Mable’s HIPPY Story: ‘I learned from the program a closer relationship.’

Born and raised in China, Mable immigrated to Canada in 2008 with her five-month-old baby boy and his father. She found her first few months in Canada very challenging because of the language barrier and the financial burden of making such a big move.

Mable was introduced to HIPPY by one of her classmates, and she joined the program when her son was three. She was happy to learn she could use the curriculum materials to teach her son from her own home. Mable says that HIPPY helped her son adjust to starting kindergarten and also allowed him to easily pick up other skills.

In order to remain involved with HIPPY, Mable became a Home Visitor, and her new role has enhanced her social life as well as her connections within the community. She feels great satisfaction by helping other newcomers adjust to life in Canada.

Mable has finished her college studies in Business Finance and, while she would love to work in this field, finding a job that fits her schedule is tough, especially now as a single mom. Mable is grateful to have HIPPY as part of her life since she can both work and take care of her son.  She believes the program is essential for both children and parents.

I learned from the program a closer relationship because every day the mom works with the kid and then they work closer with each other.

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