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Halima’s HIPPY Story: ‘I am proud of learning and speaking with friends and teachers and

After fleeing their home country of Ethiopia, Halima and her husband came to Canada in 2010. They now have four children, and Halima is currently enrolled in the HIPPY program with her youngest son.

Halima and her son enjoy the time they spend on the HIPPY activities every day. Halima is thankful that HIPPY taught her how to work with her children and teach them skills such as writing, reading or cutting. Halima noticed that her four-year-old has improved a lot since they started the program about a year ago:

Before, he didn’t know how to count, but now he is counting. He is smarter than before!

Halima’s HIPPY Home Visitor has helped her to understand how her children learn and how she can teach them. She has also helped Halima with her English. Halima’s language skills have improved a lot since she first moved to Canada, and she is proud that she can connect with other people and have conversations with her children’s teachers:

I am proud of learning and speaking with friends and teachers and answer questions.

Halima now wants to become a HIPPY Home Visitor herself and teach other mothers to teach their children. Her dream is to go back to school and become a nurse.


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