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Ghadir’s HIPPY Story

Ghadir is a HIPPY mom from Nanaimo, BC. She was born in Gaza and moved to Canada due to safety concerns in 2010 along with her husband and three daughters. This was followed by her son’s birth in 2012.

Ghadir’s two biggest struggles as a Canadian immigrant have been her separation from family in her home country as well as a lack of friends in her new community.

She found out about HIPPY through the Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society while she was taking ESL lessons. Since joining, her son has excelled in the program.

Besides acquiring academic skills, Ghadir also noticed changes in her son’s attitude. He became more patient, organized and cooperative. His self-confidence grew and his leadership skills improved.

Taking part in the HIPPY program made Ghadir realize the importance of quality, one-on-one time, and she now strives to spend at least 15 minutes a day with each of her children.

HIPPY has ultimately affected her views on life and motherhood while enabling her to socialize with other mothers in the program.

Ghadir is currently working as an English-Arabic translator having completed her diploma in this field. She would like to return to school to work toward a diploma in Medical Interpretation so she can extend her knowledge to help more people, including new immigrants.


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