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Clara’s HIPPY Story: ‘I have seen many positive transformations happening in every aspec

Clara and her youngest daughter completed their first year of the HIPPY program offered by the downtown Toronto location of Working Women Community Centre.

The HIPPY program is three years in length, and each year mothers work with their Home Visitor and child over a 30-week period to deliver the preschool curriculum to the child and develop a support network that can support the mother and family. Every end of year there is a graduation ceremony, where participants and HIPPY staff celebrate their accomplishments and share the struggles and triumphs they have felt throughout the process.

Already in year one Clara can see a change in her daughter and her family – she shares her first impressions on the HIPPY program below.

Clara’s HIPPY Journal

I truly believe this program has surpassed all my expectations! Not only have my daughter and I been blessed to be a part of it, but my whole family and our community has been blessed too!

I have seen many positive transformations happening in every aspect of our family life since joining HIPPY program. The most I would like to share about how the HIPPY program helped my daughter develop life skills and cognitive abilities as I feel very proud of her progress.

Physically: While weekly play develops her gross motor control, I was able to observe how my daughter’s body coordination has been improving. Seeing her growing into a preschooler this past year has also supported me to be able to see which physical classes she is ready to take. Now she is a part of gymnastics and ballet classes and enjoy them very much!

Emotionally: My daughter is more empathic now, because she better understands her own emotions, and the emotions of others around her. Different moms came to me on several occasions to share how my daughter comforted their children when they cried or were sad.

Mentally: My daughter knows some letters, numbers, and is familiar with shapes and colours. She recognizes that all the people have bodies and they should care about them. Since she had learned about her body parts in HIPPY, she has been very much interested about the human body and how it functions. She even calls herself Doctor! Thanks to HIPPY, I also discovered that my daughter loves doing math, especially with her dad.

Socially: It is easy for my daughter to become a closer friend with some other kids her age. She has become confident to create and led games with them, guides, helps and supports them. She is more patient with herself too. Before joining HIPPY, my daughter got upset if could not do something. Now, she calmly says, “I just try it again!”

Before we joined the HIPPY program, my daughter would not be aware of different kinds of careers. Now she starts to know that people have different social roles and often asks questions about who are police, what is a hospital, and even how to count money!

Thank to HIPPY, my daughter has become more aware about the life around her and has become curious about how things can be used. She observes simpler situations and even relates those to more complex ones. For example, when we cross the road, now she says:  “Look mommy, there is a red light circle, which means we need to stop!” or “Mommy, I wish to become a doctor, because I want to help people that are hurt!”

As her mother, I feel very proud because I see that my daughter is more and more assertive, kind and caring child. My role as her parent is to guide her to become a confident person who knows what she wants when she grows older. I feel she is on the right path now!

Saying all above, I believe HIPPY is the lifestyle. Thank to its learnings my family has created a bond that keeps building up every time we support each other to do the HIPPY activities.

I know it takes work to prepare. I understand I need to practice patience and give my daughter space and time. I also very much feel it is worthwhile as the HIPPY program gives my daughter, my family and I life experiences that help us to comprehend life around us united, connected, and in harmony.

Thank you HIPPY, thank you to my home visitor, and thank you, Stefania.

You are the answer to my prayers!


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