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Charmaine’s HIPPY Story: ‘You are able to see your child improving.’

Charmaine is a member of the Blood Reserve in the Kainai Nation. As a full-time GED student and a mother of five children, Charmaine found it difficult to prepare her children for school because of her demanding schedule. She overcame many obstacles when she became involved with HIPPY.

I think it is a good program for the kids – you are able to see your child improving. You learn a lot about your child and it’s really nice to see that every day they are getting better and better, like for letters and numbers. It’s a bonding experience – which is something I don’t get to do often because I’m in school.

She has seen many changes in her kids including improved routines at home and development skills. Charmaine is also thankful that HIPPY has the option to teach kids in the Blackfoot Language, it helps kids learn about their heritage.

Charmaine’s commitment to the HIPPY program and its impact on her children and family life makes her a role model to other members of her community.


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