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Chandrika’s HIPPY Story: ‘At HIPPY, I met some lovely women, happy and joyful. I wanted

Coming to Canada

When Chandrika came to Canada with her family, she struggled to find a good job, navigate the city, and communicate in English. Raising her two young children was a challenge without the support network she would have had in her home country. She really missed neighbours and family who could help with cooking and running errands. However, she was not one to give up:

“I pushed myself to overcome the challenges that came my way because I did not want to sit around feeling sad. I am proud of how I managed to figure things out on my own.”

Seizing Opportunity

A strong advocate for her children, Chandrika seized the opportunity to join the HIPPY program, which she believed could prepare her son for kindergarten despite having begun to speak quite late. She spotted the flyer on a bulletin board at her local Community Centre and soon got to know other mothers:

“At HIPPY, I met some lovely women, happy and joyful. I wanted to be like them. As time passed, I realized this program was created by moms for other moms. I thought they were all so nice and friendly. I really like this program.”

Future Aspirations

Chandrika now hopes to finish grade 12, get her diploma, and become an early childhood assistant to utilize her expertise, resources, as well as arts and crafts projects that she has gathered and used with her own children.


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