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Angel’s HIPPY Story: ‘Our son saved us.’

Angel is an urban Aboriginal mother, born and raised in downtown Vancouver. Challenged by a history of addiction issues, Angel and her partner had tried different ways of quitting without success. When their son, Mickey, came into their lives, as Angel explained, “he saved us.”

They joined the Aboriginal HIPPY program and their life changed; the home visits brought a new dimension to the family. Angel looks forward to spending HIPPY time with her son, which she sees as a way to have fun and build a closer relationship with him. She has discovered that these bonding moments reveal a child’s innate need to communicate openly and ask questions about deep issues, which Angel can discuss confidently, thanks to HIPPY .

Nowadays, Angel is a healthy, young, working mother with plans to marry her partner and give a sibling to Mickey, the angel who saved their lives.


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