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Ana’s HIPPY Story: ‘I feel better now. I am not shy anymore.’

Ana was born and raised in Mexico and immigrated with her husband and daughter in 2008 in search of a better life.  Ana’s parents had come to Canada a few years earlier, so she felt supported throughout the process.

Ana had her second child in Canada and, when her son turned three, she heard about the HIPPY program from another community member and decided to join. Her Home Visitor spoke Spanish, so Ana felt comfortable starting the program.

Being a HIPPY mother has made her confidence grow:

I feel better now. I am not shy anymore when I have to go to the bank or when I have to meet somebody else. I can understand.

The HIPPY program also helped Ana’s son with his academics:

I’m so happy with my boy because when he was in kindergarten the teacher was surprised because he knows lots of things. He knows already letters and numbers. For me, I feel so proud because I was working with him. He was also able to read some words and even write.

Ana became a HIPPY Home Visitor in 2015 and she is very happy with her position. She plans to continue working on her English language skills and with her job as a Home Visitor:

I am so happy being a Home Visitor. I know it’s not forever but I want to take this opportunity as long as I can.

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