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1150 Tablets Handed Out to HIPPY Families

The current pandemic has meant that already-isolated refugee, newcomer, and Indigenous children are at greater risk of falling even further behind. By providing these families with tablets to keep them engaged in the HIPPY program, we ensure that these families can prepare their children for school despite the environment created by COVID-19.

No Family Left Behind

The new lifestyle that COVID-19 has imposed on many families has reinforced the need for HIPPY to go virtual with digital technology during the 2020-21 program year. To communicate with isolated families and support the educational success of children, we were aiming to provide a tablet to every HIPPY family across the country. Thanks to our generous supporters, we were able to reach our target for fall 2020. Our team at the Mothers Matter Centre sent out 1150 tablets to our program delivery partners, who handed out the tablets to the HIPPY families. 

Through the tablets, families will be able to stay connected to their Home Visitors, families, and greater communities. With many schools continuing to transition to an online format, the provision of tablets for families will also ensure that already vulnerable children do not fall even further behind in an increasingly digital world.

The Impact of Social Distancing on HIPPY Families

At the Mothers Matter Centre, we know that isolation takes a toll on families. The Covid-19 isolation precautions have escalated the necessity for human-centred connections and tactical support services between already isolated mothers and their families and HIPPY Home Visitors. While the changing public health guidelines have impacted many of our lives, the impact on some HIPPY families can be more pronounced and has led to added vulnerabilities, including concerns for food security, lack of access to information, and overall mental health and wellbeing. Without the continuation of support in a critical time like this, some may face added challenges as they navigate the pandemic, particularly for newly settled families. 

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported our fundraising campaign and helped us get a tablet to our HIPPY families!

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