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Call for Stories of Change

It is an exciting time at the Mothers Matter Centre! We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2020 by hosting a national conference 2020: A Vision for the Inclusion of Isolated Mothers (VIIM) in CanadaThis conference will be held from May 5th-7th, 2020, at Simon Fraser University (SFU) Harbour Centre in Vancouver, BC. It is aimed at exploring the means to unleash the powerful force of isolated low-income Mothers in Canada.

But we need YOUR help!

We are looking for mothers (individual or groups) who are ready to tell their stories of overcoming overwhelming obstacles in pursuit of a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.  

The conference will provide strategies for a human-centred and holistic approach to invite isolated mothers in from the margins of social and economic inclusion in Canadian society. There will be three cross-cutting themes – Indigenous; newcomer and refugee; and low-income Canadian Mothers.

We are asking YOU, our friends, supporters, and partners, to help us commemorate by reaching out to participants in your programs. The Mothers Matter Centre is seeking mothers who are able to lead through example by sharing their journeys, their struggles, and their successes. We encourage our participants to explore a variety of presentation styles, including visual and performing arts.

Conference Format

Our unique format will centre around the real-life stories of over 15 Indigenous, newcomer, refugee and other Canadian mothers who have succeeded in making once unimaginable positive changes for themselves and their families.

Each session will start with a keynote speaker who will share their observations, experiences, and insight into the importance of mothers as catalysts for social change.

Following the keynote addresses, mothers from across the country will share their stories through a variety of formats on how they have become agents of change. Fueled by their vision for a bright future and their determination to build it, these mothers have, against formidable odds, forged a path to a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities. We will hear how mothers have transformed their lives by increasing social and economic inclusion, gaining access to adequate health care, improving their food security, ensuring the success of their children in school, and more.

If you have a mother you would like to nominate, or if you would like to share your story of change, please email Debbie Bell at

Please share this Call for Stories of Change and help us find inspirational mothers who will contribtue to this conference’s success!

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