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HIPPY Winnipeg at the Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network

The Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network started in 2009 as a neighbourhood language learning program in Winnipeg. Over the years, it expanded to provide programs such as English classes with quality childcare, settlement, and parenting support for newcomer parents. Mosaic’s programs help participants develop their English language skills and form community connections while their children socialize in a safe and educational environment.

As part of its range of family programming that focuses on parent and child attachment, Mosaic began offering HIPPY in 2016. Their goal is to help newcomers adjust to life in Canada, so they can contribute to and share in the benefits of their new communities. HIPPY has been an excellent addition to the suite of offerings at Mosaic. The organization emphasizes parents as the child’s first teacher and encourages newcomers to share the wealth of parenting knowledge they bring from their culture.


Insight into the HIPPY Program: 


“I learned many things through the HIPPY program such as enjoying reading books with my children and having a great time together, picture reading, songs, experiments, counting, and using scissors. I am so grateful for the HIPPY program!”


Success Story:

Our success story is about Samrawit, who started her journey in the HIPPY program four years ago as a HIPPY mother. Samrawit was very committed to her child’s education. She completed year 1, year 2, and Age 5 with three different home visitors. She did all the activities and went above and beyond in creating new ones for her children. In addition, Samrawit always invited mothers from her community to join the program, participated in Adopt-a-Reader, and was a great role model for other mothers in the group meetings.


Samrawit is very thankful for the HIPPY program! When her son started school, his teacher noticed how bright and knowledgeable he was. Samrawit was telling everyone about the HIPPY program and how it helped her to educate her child and prepare him for school.


She wanted to give back and support her community, so when we had an opening in the program for a HIPPY Home Visitor, she was so excited to apply and join our HIPPY team! Everyone at Mosaic was eager to welcome her because we all know her as a kind, supportive mother. We were delighted to see her confidence and knowledge of the program grow as she stepped into her new role.

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