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HIPPY Edmonton at the Alberta Immigrant Women and Children Centre

The Alberta Immigrant Women and Children Centre (AIWCC) started in 2010 to support newcomer women and children in the Edmonton area. Their customized female-focused initiatives recognize, respond to, and focus on the specific concerns of refugee women and their families as they settle and integrate into Canadian society.

The AIWCC introduced HIPPY to their organization in 2020. Although beginning the program during the pandemic presented challenges, they learned how to make HIPPY accessible to their families. With the understanding that every mother and every child is different, the AIWCC developed personalized tactics for the unique obstacles each family faces. Consequently, even virtual, they have been delivering a successful HIPPY program to the women they serve in Edmonton.


Insight into the HIPPY Program:

“I’ve learned so much about Canadian culture. I am able to speak to the public, and I’ve created connections with my own people, as well as with Canadians and people from other cultures.”


Success Story:

In the 1st year after I arrived in Canada, I had little knowledge of how to function in Canadian society. With the support of AIWCC, I made some connections and grew a network of HIPPY families and neighbourhoods.


The HIPPY program helped me grow as a parent. I learned from HIPPY that getting to know my children as individuals with unique interests, needs, and preferences is essential. Through the group meetings, I’ve interacted with moms from other backgrounds, which paved the road to learning more about different cultures.


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