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|Resources for parents in response to COVID-19

The lifestyle that COVID-19 has imposed on many families across the globe – one of isolation and limited social interaction – gives us an opportunity to reflect on the tens of thousands of vulnerable mothers and families who live in isolation in our country. Their reasons might be different – language and cultural barriers rather than health precautions – but there is a shared feeling of anxiety and instability. Isolation takes a toll on a family, and it is a program such as HIPPY that breaks social isolation by helping mothers integrate into Canadian society and become engaged citizens.  Mothers Matter Centre is proud to be able to contribute the following resources for HIPPY and non-HIPPY families to use during this new socially distant lifestyle.

Stay 'N' Play Spring

Indigenous Stay 'N' Play

Mommy's 15 Minutes

Child Friendly Explanation of COVID-19

Stay 'N' Play Winter

Stay 'N' Play Summer

Stay 'N' Play

Guidelines for Families