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Himani’s HIPPY Story

Himani was born in New Delhi, India to a very religious and traditional family. In 2005, Himani got married and finished her Bachelors in Physiotherapy; in 2008 she completed her Masters. In 2010, Himani immigrated to Canada. Within a few months of being in Canada, Himani realized how difficult it was to survive.

Coming to Canada was exciting but it was also a big change for me. In India, I was very protected and provided with everything. There was no need for women to work back home, but it was quite different here.

On top of that, Himani’s two-year-old daughter was not receiving the attention she deserved. Himani turned to Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA), applied for the HIPPY Program, and waited anxiously for a response. A few months later she got a call that she was accepted into the program.

Himani and her daughter looked forward to home visits every week. She started to like Canada and, thanks to CIWA, the transition was easier. Himani worked as a HIPPY home visitor at CIWA for a couple of years. She went on to receive her license as a Physiotherapist, and is currently practicing and thriving in her career.

She credits the HIPPY Program with giving her the opportunity to learn transferable skills and facilitate her labour market entry into her chosen profession.


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