Sarah, Vancouver (BC)

Sarah, a mother of five from Vancouver, was diagnosed with ADHD. As a child, she struggled in school, but she never had any kind of support. The HIPPY program has given Sarah many tools to support her own children’s educational journeys:

Honestly, the HIPPY program has given me many life lessons and tips on parenting. It has also taught me patience, structure and educational guidance. And I have been able to pass these down to my children.

Sarah is currently doing the HIPPY program with her five-year-old daughter, Sofia. They’re enjoying the time when it is just the two of them doing homework one-on-one. Sometimes they light a candle and have a candlelight homework session. It’s a great bonding opportunity and has helped Sofia’s development noticeably:

Last year, we went to her kindergarten orientation. Sofia was the only child that could use scissors appropriately. I took great pride in recognizing that her cutting skills were learned while we completed the HIPPY homework together. I felt special knowing that I had given my daughter a head start to her educational journey.

Sarah also really enjoys the HIPPY group meetings every other week. They are opportunities to meet other parents, discuss challenges and successes and attend parenting workshops:

We are like a tight-knit family. There is no judgment. We support one another. I always leave the meetings feeling a little bit smarter and a little bit stronger as a person and as a parent.



May 6, 2019


A Mothers Matter Story

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