Sabeen, Toronto (ON)

Following the decline of conditions in their home country of Pakistan, Sabeen and her husband immigrated to Canada four and a half years ago. They faced many challenges upon arriving in a new country. In Pakistan, they left well-paying jobs: Sabeen worked as a psychologist and her husband as an engineer. In Canada, her husband was forced into “survival jobs” to make ends meet for quite some time until he landed a position in his field. Sabeen remembers this as a tough time for them both:

You’re starting from scratch. You’re coming with your degree. You’re thinking that your degree is very valuable, but now you’re coming to a different country — you’re coming to a different planet.

Sabeen is grateful for the support she has received from the HIPPY team:

Coming to HIPPY and meeting with other mothers and meeting with other people who are in the same circle really motivates you that you are not alone. And it was really nice.

Sabeen sees herself not only as a mother but as someone with her own ambitions and hopes to become a successful businesswoman. There is no doubt that managing one’s own business can be challenging, but she has great aspirations for the future:

Your business remains with you. Every time when you are cooking, you are thinking for that thing. You’re always doing your work. But there is a lot of hope and satisfaction that you are doing something.


May 6, 2019


A Mothers Matter Story

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