Athena — 2019 Because Mothers Matter Award Recipient

Athena is a single mom of two amazing daughters.  Her older daughter, Sophia, has already finished HIPPY, and her younger daughter, Sonja, is in her second year.

Athena is taking care of her daughters all by herself. She works as a private Mandarin teacher on the weekend and, during the week, at a school in Oakville as a supply teacher. She also started volunteering in her daughters’ school.

Athena’s daughter Sophia has autism. Athena supports her development by taking her to therapists and doing HIPPY to help her learn to read and write. At the age of five, Sofia started reading books, and her writing improved:

It was quite a journey for my girls and me and the HIPPY program has been part of our daily routines. We always love to read and do the craft together as a family. HIPPY gives us more opportunities to reach the girls’ potential.

In the same way, Athena works with her younger daughter Sonja who has Sensory Process Disorder. She is four years old, and her skills are improving daily:

I was not sure if HIPPY would be a good fit or not, but thanks to HIPPY, my girls showed me what they could do and how important it is to be consistent.



May 6, 2019


A Mothers Matter Story

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