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Stories of Inspiration

Aiza’s HIPPY Story: ‘HIPPY is a very good guide to help teach my daughter.’

Aiza still remembers clearly the challenges she faced when she first moved to Canada from Venezuela with her husband and
Stories of Inspiration

Tain’s HIPPY Story: ‘I chose HIPPY to learn to express myself’

Tain and her husband came to Canada from Bangladesh in 2017, hoping for a better life. She used to work
Stories of Inspiration

Clair’s HIPPY Story: ‘Every mother would like to teach her kid. HIPPY can push us every day.’

Clair has always believed in the importance of early childhood education. She immigrated to Canada with her husband from China
Gender Equality

10 Takeaways from the Women Deliver 2019 Conference

This week, a group of Mothers Matter Centre Staff, HIPPY Coordinators and Home Visitors from all over Canada attended the
Stories of Inspiration

Romina’s HIPPY Story: ‘I learned that we are unique persons.’

Romina joined the HIPPY program in Toronto with her son, Fernando, who was struggling when he started school. He was unable to

Celebrating Mothers as Role Models and Change Leaders

The mothers in our HIPPY program inspire us daily with their commitment and determination. They are strong and courageous. They are
Stories of Inspiration

Yeshi’s HIPPY Story: ‘Our children are the future nation, our Canada!’

Yeshi doesn’t have an exact answer to the question of where she is from: I belong to two countries. I
Stories of Inspiration

Zebib’s HIPPY Story: ‘You have the feeling that you are very confident now. You changed something.’

The biggest challenge Zebib has ever faced was moving to Canada alone with her two children in 2015, leaving her
Stories of Inspiration

Sylvie’s HIPPY Story: ‘Through HIPPY, I learned how to guide my son.’

In 2013, while pregnant, Sylvie made the tough decision to leave her home country of Rwanda and resettle in Canada.
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