The Mothers Matter Centre (MMC): Proud Home of the HIPPY Program (previously known as the Home Instruction Program for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) Canada) is a not-for-profit registered charity incorporated in October 2001. The Mothers Matter Centre is a virtual, national consortium of organizations dedicated to serving socially isolated and low economic status mothers and their families using our proven mother-to-mother approach.

The MMC holds and is guided by the following Mission and Vision


A Canadian society where all mothers and their children can achieve full and productive lives.


Once isolated, at-risk mothers develop the knowledge and capacity they need to take control of their lives and become effective parents and engaged citizens.

The work of the Mothers Matter Centre is consolidated in three pillars of change:

Scale a high-profile, sustainable, evidence-based social initiative called the Mothers Matter Centre.

Inspire social change by innovating, implementing, and supporting evidence-based programs in collaboration with Canadian communities that are motivated to support full inclusion of isolated mothers and their families. Inspire activities will include Aboriginal and Multicultural HIPPY, professional education and program innovations.

Lead Canada in a movement for the social and economic inclusion of isolated women with research, knowledge-sharing and advocacy. Our work will continue to be research-based, with continuous program monitoring and refinement. We are committed to high-quality performance management standards, external evaluation and sharing knowledge.

Supported by ongoing efforts in each of its pillars, the Centre seeks to elevate the organization’s national profile and provide leadership and guidance to enable active and interested communities in Canada to deliver the HIPPY program and other Centre innovations. The Centre is committed to growing and sustaining our flagship Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) program while also developing more program innovations pertaining to housing assistance, job-skills training, literacy and language training, healthcare, and more. The Centre collaborates with Canadian organizations to launch HIPPY and other program sites and support them with their implementation by providing a robust performance management process, systematic professional development training to site Coordinators and Home Visitors, and research and innovation. The Mothers Matter Centre has the ultimate responsibility to monitor these sites to ensure program fidelity and efficacious change results. The Centre will work with partners across the nation to innovate programs based on our mother-to-mother approach.

Why did HIPPCanada transform to Mothers Matter Centre?

After years of research and analysis, we are confident about what allows the HIPPY program to remain successful over time in unique cultural contexts: it is HIPPY’s novel program platform of mothers helping mothers. We work with isolated mothers where they live – at home – and we connect them with other mothers in their communities who share an intimate awareness of the issues and challenges they face. These HIPPY Home Visitors have experience and training to support mothers and their families transition out of isolation and into community and economic life.

Why does it work? Trust and empathy are essential in facilitating community change. Because mothers who are now Home Visitors in the program were themselves once isolated, they have a deep understanding of the problems of the women with whom they work. Equipped with the right training, they provide isolated mothers with the tools they need to help themselves. Because they come from the same communities and understand first-hand the conditions of those they are trying to help, they enjoy unique credibility and trust. This approach does not rely on conventional professional interventions but, when appropriate, seeks them out.

We took this innovation to scale through the creation of the Mothers Matter Centre, a virtual national consortium of like-minded organizations dedicated to its mandate: to open the doors to possibility for socially isolated and low-income mothers and their families. The work includes the ongoing delivery of our flagship Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters program. In order to meet the complex needs of isolated mothers, we will innovate other programs based on the proven principles of the HIPPY program, which we have demonstrated as applicable to other contexts, such as food security, health, employment, education, literacy and housing. The priority target communities will be those that HIPPY has already successfully addressed: immigrant, Aboriginal and impoverished mainstream Canadian women. The work will be research-based with continuous monitoring and refinement of new programs. The Mothers Matter Centre will be dedicated to knowledge transfer and skills development.