2020 Conference

|Join us in Vancouver from May 5-7, 2020

The 2020 A Vision for the Inclusion of Isolated Mothers in Canada (VIIM) conference will amplify the voices of mothers who have overcome barriers to inclusion and explore the means of unleashing the power of isolated low-income mothers as a force for social, economic, and political change.

The program will feature the stories of mothers sharing their journeys of being agents of change and highlight the expertise of contemporary researchers, policy-makers, and community practitioners who specialize in gender equality and family wellbeing as they relate to:

1) Education and leadership development;

2) Health, wellness, and safety;

3) Economic security; and

4) Social inclusion

Location: Simon Fraser University, Harbour Centre

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Call for Exhibitors
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This international and multidisciplinary group of women will come together to share their work as it relates to education and leadership; social inclusion; economic security; and health, wellness, and safety.

Dr. Alaa Murabit

Physician, Advocate, Feminist, Strategist, Speaker, Writer

Marion Buller

Provincial Court Judge (Ret.)

Dr. Annette Korntheuer

Professor and Researcher

Ketty Nivyabandi

Human Rights Defender, Poet, and Advocate

Gauri Sawant

Director, Sakshi Char Chowgi and Transgender Activist

Miriam Westheimer

Director, HIPPY International