Set up a HIPPY site in your community


The HIPPY program is a cost effective family literacy strategy that is supported on four pillars – parents teach children, role-play is used as the method of teaching, the educational activities are centred around a highly structured, lock step curriculum, and parents teach parents.

When melded together these components create a potent remedy to many of the conditions contributing to inter-generational poverty that are not addressed through short-term unstructured interventions. It breaks the cycle of poverty and low-level literacy by providing employment and training to multi-barriered individuals, improves adult literacy, prepares children for school, reduces social isolation and increases parental involvement in school.

The HIPPY model has been tested and demonstrated effective in several countries around the world in a wide variety of settings over a long period of time. It produces results!

Click here to download the Startup Manual (pdf file 372 KB)


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