Multicultural HIPPY

Canada recognizes that if newcomers are to benefit from and contribute to the social, cultural and economic success of this country, we must provide an innovative and responsive set of services that support settlement and integration.

Through 40 years of experience around the world, HIPPY Canada and its international sister programs have recognized that the process of settlement and integration requires a community effort. HIPPY is a unique family literacy system that blends together several components which yield a multitude of educational, economic and social benefits. The components include: the employment of the newcomer parents in the program as home visitors; the development of parental agency, skills, and attitudes required to effectively educate their preschool children; the delivery of supportive nurturing and education of preschool children; the deliberate integration of socially isolated parents into mainstream society; and the basis for the parents of on-going participation in their child’s schooling.

In short, the blend of HIPPY program activities during the three years of family participation makes a significant contribution to the integration of newcomers into the Canadian society. The program contributes to CIC’s desired results of ensuring the acceptance of immigrants and their full engagement and participation in Canadian social, economic, political and cultural life. It focuses on building more inclusive and welcoming communities through the concrete application of several programmatic features that generate the results of social, economic and cultural inclusion.

The HIPPY program activities encompass:

a) Mentoring activities that facilitate the integration of newcomers into the schools, the community and the labour market;

b) Initiatives that foster civic participation and volunteer work at the school, community, municipal, provincial or territorial and federal levels;

c) Initiatives that address the specific social needs of newcomers, partners, and or communities in order to promote service or innovative projects.


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